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Crowns and Bridges


What is a porcelain dental crown?
A dental crown is a restoration that fits over the remaining tooth structure once the tooth has been prepared by your cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles. A Porcelain dental crown from Excel Dental Care are sometimes known as a 'cap.'

Why would I need a porcelain dental crown?
Porcelain dental crowns are ideal for restoring broken down teeth due to trauma, decay or large fillings.

Porcelain crowns can also be used to change the colour, shape and position of your teeth. Porcelain crowns can also be used to hold a bridge or denture in place.

What is a dental crown made of?
The most popular crown materials are:

  1. Porcelain bonded to a precious metal structure: the metal gives an accurate fit and strength to the crown. Porcelain is used to make the crown look life-like.


  1. Ceramic crowns: have a very strong core of porcelain to act like the metal in porcelain bonded to metal crowns above. As these crowns are made of all porcelain they are very aesthetic and life-like. All porcelain crowns are usually used on front teeth and do not contain any metal inside and hence few years down the line, there won't be any metalic margin visible when the gums receed.


  1. Gold crowns: gold is one of the best material used in dentistry. Gold reduces bacteria build up and is further a better choice especially for people with gum disease.


How is a porcelain dental crown prepared?
Your cosmetic dentist will prepare the tooth into the ideal shape for your dental crown. The amount of tooth removed is the amount of space needed for the crown.

Once the tooth is shaped by your cosmetic dentist, the dentist will take an impression (mould) of the prepared tooth, one of the opposite jaw and possibly another to mark the way you bite together.

We are one of the few dentists who have our own laboratory here in the office to provide maximum aesthetics for your dental crowns.

The impressions and the data collected by your dentist is then sent to our dental technicians who constructs these custom-made crowns.

What happens between visits?
A temporary crown is usually needed between visits.

How are cosmetic porcelain dental crowns fitted?
Once your cosmetic dentist is happy with the fit of your new crown and you are happy with the way it looks, the crown is fixed in place using special dental cements.

The cement forms a seal to hold the dental crown in place.

Does it hurt when teeth are being prepared for porcelain dental crowns?
As your cosmetic dentist will use a local anaesthetic there will be no pain.

Are porcelain dental crowns noticeable to other people?
This will depend on the quality of clinical work and technical work done on the crown and also on the quality of materials used to make the porcelain dental crowns.
The porcelain used to construct our dental crowns does not leave black margins at the gum level, as seen with most conventional dental crowns.

How do I care for my new porcelain dental crowns?
How long your crown lasts depends on how well you look after it. The crown itself cannot decay, but decay can start where the edge of the crown joins the tooth.



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